Customer Service 

We all know that delivering excellent customer service means, repeat business, recommendations, and loyalty. Yet too often we forget the little things such as saying please, thank you, sorry or remembering to return a call or pass on a message or delivering what we promised.

''Getting it right' is a must! We shouldn't expect our customers to have to make provisions for us just because we are having a bad day. It is not about trying to get even with a rude customer or being sarcastic because you feel put out. Representing your company or organisation in a professional manner should be a forgone conclusion, however sadly that is not the case for many businesses today.

We uncover the causes that precede the symptoms of poor service. We will look at the psychology behind why people don't make the effort or go that extra mile versus those that do. We will share tips and techniques that will help your team want to strive for excellence and provide compelling case histories that our audiences can relate to.

Imagine what you could achieve if everyone made a concerted effort to be more considerate, customer focussed and took pride in everything they did. With our passionate delivery and empowering dialogue you will to see a shift in behaviour. If you want to raise your game and create a customer experience that supersedes the competition, you need to be sure that everyone concerned has willingness to follow a work ethic. As motivational speakers we can provide you with practical methods that achieve a winning mindset in customer care.

If we don't look after our customers someone else will!

We guarantee a memorable, entertaining and high-energy conference every time!

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