Professional and Personal Branding 

Have you ever considered what other people may be saying about you when you are not there? Our professional and personal branding keynote will uncover the conscious and subconscious messages we send out through our image, actions, verbal and non verbal communication.

We will explain how you can ensure perception and reality is in tune with the brand image you want to project. We will advise you on how you can take control of perceptions and develop an authentic and consistent brand image. The impression of your company will be gauged by the impression you make. First impressions last a long time, so it's vital that you get it right.

It is imperative that there is a synergy between you and the organisation in terms of beliefs, attitudes and values, as these are translated in how we look, what we say and what we do. If we lack consistency people will lack faith in us.

Motivate Me have a background in media, marketing and advertising and use our knowledge and natural flair for fashion and image to help you unlock your potential and create a strong brand image. You will establish some simple yet effective changes you need to make in order to cultivate a desirable brand that impacts on the emotional association others have of you. We help you look at yourself from a different perspective and build a solid reputation.

So whether you want to re-invent yourself or strengthen the brand you already possess, our powerful keynote will provide an opportunity for you to become self aware and take action!

We guarantee a memorable, entertaining and high-energy conference every time!

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